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Favorite Car Toys of 2019

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car toysWhether you’re looking for something to get yourself or your favorite car fanatic for the holidays, knowing what’s “in” in the car toy world and what’s “out” can be difficult. Surprising a gearhead with something they haven’t seen before or didn’t know they needed can be even more difficult. That’s why we put together a list of some of our favorite (and most useful) car gadgets of 2019 to help you wow them (or pick a little something up for yourself – we won’t judge.)

Portable Humidifier

As your Denver auto body shop, we know it is dry here in the mile-high city, so having a little added humidity never hurts – especially in the winter. Luckily all you need is a USB plug-in these days to have a mini humidifier (and/or oil diffuser!) with you everywhere you go. Offer yourself a little moment of relaxation with some lavender essential oil and a warm air mist while you’re stuck in that rush hour traffic on I-25 or I-70. Or gift one to your favorite commuter. We could all use a little more serenity on our daily drive, right?

USB Mini Fridge

Yeah, you read that right. A mini-fridge big enough to hold six cans but light enough to be ported from the car to your favorite picnic destination, all powered easily by a USB charger. Don’t have a USB port in your vehicle? If you’re looking at the Cooluli Electric Mini-Fridge, you’ve got options. It can easily be powered by the cigarette lighter or your vehicle’s main, too. Oh, and did we mention it keeps things warm as well as cool? Those holiday potluck dishes will arrive at exactly the right temperature, no re-warm needed. If you snag this one BEFORE the holidays, we wouldn’t blame you.

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Gone are the days of having to use the old school tire pressure gauge and hoping you’re reading it right but never really being quite sure. With a digital tire pressure gauge, you can take the guesswork out of it. Never wonder if those tires that look just a little bit low need more air or not. During the winter in the Front Range when the temperature changes from mild to cold in the snap of a finger, it’s important to be able to check your tires quickly and accurately. Those quick changes in weather can impact the pressure in your tires – and when there’s snow on the roads, you especially don’t want to be caught driving on under-filled tires.

Back Seat Organizer

Okay, this one is on the practical side of things, but if you know a new mom or a family that has a nearly impossible time keeping their vehicle organized, or someone who’s driving their car for Lyft or Uber and wants to offer their riders a more luxurious experience, you can’t beat a back seat organizer. It’s the perfect place to hold all the kids’ toys or beverages, tissues, charging cables, and mints or candy. Whatever you need it for, there are a number of options with different pockets of different sizes that can help anyone organize their vehicle, no matter how messy it might have been before.

Alexa-Enabled Car Charger

Those voice-activated assistants are pretty much everywhere these days, so why should your car be any different? An Alexa-Enabled car charger plugs into the cigarette lighter in your vehicle and charges your devices while also offering the power of Alexa in your vehicle. Want to add something to your shopping list? Order a pizza to arrive by the time you get home? Play a game or find a fun, random fact? Check the weather your final destination? This car charger has you covered and then some. We wouldn’t recommend gifting this one to your friend who’s afraid robots are taking over the world, though.

Whatever you or your favorite car fanatic is looking for, there’s a gadget to make it happen. This list is really just the tip of the iceberg, but it’s a good starting point. What are you gifting your autophiles this year?

The Best Winter Luxury Features for Your Vehicle

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winter car featuresWinter is fast approaching, and when the cold weather hits we can’t help but take stock of all the glorious advancements in technology that have made winter driving less terrible over the years. If you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle or are shopping for a vehicle and are wondering what features are really worth shelling out extra money for, don’t forget to consider some of these! It’s easy to forget how valuable they are when you’re driving through a sunny, warm Colorado summer, but you’ll be grateful for the ones you have when we’re facing frost, snow, and icy-cold temperatures every day.

Remote Start

Ah, the ability to know that your vehicle will be warm when you get into it without having to go out there and start it up yourself. What a beautiful gift. Remote start is one of our all-time favorite features for that exact reason. Just don’t forget that if your car is in the garage, you need to open the garage door before you use that remote start!

Heated, Well, Everything

The number of things in your vehicle that can be heated these days is impressive. Heated seats are an obvious must-have and have been a staple for winter weather driving for a while now. But now you can also get heated steering wheels, heated side mirrors (because who wants to scrape those tiny things? It’s always such a hassle!), and even a heated windshield to keep ice from building up during a particularly treacherous drive. Heated seats might be our favorite, but if you have the opportunity to have more than just your seats heated, we say take advantage! Being warm and cozy even as a snowstorm rages outside is one of the best things about all these advancements. Give us all-heated everything and we’ll be happy.

Wiper De-Icers

If you’ve ever driven around with icy windshield wipers when the snow starts falling you know that it’s not only inconvenient, it can be downright dangerous. Having wiper de-icers eliminates that danger by keeping them from gathering ice and slush or getting frozen to your windshield. These are considered a luxury feature, but if it’s a doable luxury for you, we highly recommend it.

Winter Tires

Okay, this is less of a luxury feature and more of a non-negotiable in Colorado, but any chance we get to mention winter tires, we’re going to take. Make sure you have your winter tires on by now! After all, good winter tires can help you avoid auto body repair. The tread on them is different, and some even react differently to cold temperatures, increasing traction by temperature-activated features. There’s a big difference between what your summer or all-season tires can do for you and what winter tires do for you. It’s not just about function, it’s about safety.

All-Wheel Drive

This is pretty standard in most vehicles these days, but if you’re new to Colorado and wondering if you can get by without it, we wouldn’t recommend it. All-wheel drive makes driving in inclement conditions so much easier and less stressful.

Winter in Colorado, while fairly mild overall, can throw some serious curveballs your way. When the weather gets particularly nasty or cold, it’s nice to know that you’ve got options for making your drive better, warmer, and a lot more comfortable. What are your favorite winter driving features?

Getting the Best Sound in Your Car

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best sound in carBetween commutes, road trips, and daily driving, we spent a tremendous amount of time in our vehicles. That can be a boring prospect if you don’t have entertainment on deck. But if you have a solid playlist lined up, the entire mood of the drive can change. You’re probably familiar with the feeling the right song at the right time through your stereo brings, but you might not be as familiar with how much better that feeling can be with the right sound system to make that song, and all the others on your playlists, sound their absolute best. As your local auto body shop, we see a lot of cars and their sound systems. If you think the sound in your vehicle could be amped up, or elevated, here are our tips on how to get the best sound quality possible.

Don’t Stick With What You’re Given

We’re sure this doesn’t come as a surprise, but it’s rare that the sound system that comes standard within your vehicle offers the best sound quality possible. But here’s the bright side of that – with today’s after-market options, you aren’t stuck with the standard equipment. If sound quality is important to you as a driver, you have plenty of options.

Pad Your Car

While you need to be able to hear some things on the road, a lot of vehicles are….noisy. Road noise makes it difficult to hear the sound of your music accurately and can affect the harshness and quality of the sound. If you use a sound-deadening product like Dynamat or Hushmat for example, you can reduce vibration and road noise. By doing this, you don’t have to turn your music up as loud when you’re driving, which allows your amps to work a little less and lets you hear your music more clearly.

Get Your Subwoofer On

One of the most common after-market add-ons for an in-vehicle sound system is a subwoofer – and for good reason. It’s not unusual for a driver to not even notice that they’re missing the bottom octave of their music until they hear the same song with subwoofer installed. As an added bonus, a subwoofer can take a load off your full-range speakers, making your existing sound system last longer, too.

Invest in Quality

This should go without saying, but if you’re going to amp up the sound system in your vehicle, do so with quality in mind. If you weren’t happy with the quality of sound your pre-existing system gave you, taking the cheap route certainly won’t make it any better. Invest in high-quality equipment and you’ll get high-quality sound.

From amps to subwoofer boxes to cables and beyond, there are countless customizations you can make to your vehicle’s sound system in order to elevate it and meet the needs of your daily life and sound preferences. Just make sure you consult with an expert and have any after-market systems or components installed by a professional, too. There are too many moving parts in a vehicle (no pun intended) to be trying your hand at wiring things yourself.

What’s the Deal With Bird’s Eye View Cameras?

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car bird's eye view cameraCar Bird’s Eye View Camera – What The?

Automotive technology is evolving quickly, and there are no signs of it slowing down. Some of the advancements may be flashes in the pan, while others are bound to stick around for the foreseeable future. Tech that makes a driver’s life easier and safer is almost always a sure bet, and one more recent development from Toyota promises to do just that – but what’s really the deal behind this kinda-crazy-cool piece of tech? Let’s look a little closer and see how it can help you avoid auto body repair.

What the Heck is a Bird’s Eye View Camera?

The car bird’s eye view camera was created to give drivers a seamless, high-def, panoramic view of the surroundings of the vehicle. It can do this in both overhead and moving views, providing a new level of vehicle-camera integration. The panoramic images are created using four cameras – one in the front, one on each side mirror, and one on the rear (this is the one drivers are probably most familiar with, as it’s been employed in backup cameras for years now). What the display shows vary based on what you have the car shifted into. In park, it displays a 360 overhead view as well as can show you the 360 “see-through” view. When in reverse, it continues to show the overhead view while also showing the traditional backup camera view. It also offers different displays and features for when you’re in drive and neutral as well.

How Can it Help Drivers?

Bird’s eye view cameras have the opportunity to give drivers a better perspective of the space around them. This is likely to come in most handy when navigating tight spaces and uncertain turns. Sometimes, the rearview mirrors and looking at your surroundings just doesn’t give you the full picture of your space and your vehicle. Especially in tight spaces, it can be difficult for drivers to maneuver, and collisions with retaining walls, tight corners, and unexpected objects happen regularly. This technology offers the potential to lessen those collisions greatly.

Do You Need One?

As with most more advanced vehicle technology, the answer here is no. You don’t strictly NEED this tech in order to drive safely. However, if you’re a driver who struggles with spatial awareness and has found yourself with vehicle damage thanks to a tight space in the past, it might be worth considering investing in a vehicle with the tech. We’re always a fan of automotive technology that keeps drivers safer on the roads and in tough driving situations.

Learn more about Accurate Auto Body Shop in metro Denver.

Should I Trust the Tech?

New technology usually has some glitches to work through, and though each piece of tech is thoroughly tested before it’s released to the masses, it’s hard to learn what needs to be fixed until it’s been used on the roads by a large number of people. It’s fair to have a small amount of reservation, as the bird’s eye view is created by compiling images from 4 different cameras seamlessly, and not by a little drone following you around from above your vehicle everywhere you go (thank goodness!) That means there’s math involved in creating the composite image you see on your screen, and anywhere this is the case, there’s a chance that things can go wonky. Think about the panoramic photo setting on your phone camera. If something moves while you’re taking the picture, it can look completely wrong in the finished product. We don’t anticipate issues of that level with this tech, but it’s always a good idea to trust your vehicle’s technology with a grain of salt. No number of cameras are an adequate substitute for proper training and practice driving a vehicle in all types of situations.

What do you think of this interesting advancement in vehicle tech? Would you purchase a vehicle featuring the bird’s eye view camera?

Lane Paint – Can We Do Better in Colorado?

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Better lane paintBetter Lane Paint

As your auto body shop, if there’s one thing we hear complaints about in Colorado often, it’s the lane markers. Any time it rains, it gets difficult to see them, fast. But the question is, are there better lane paint solutions? To find out, we did a little digging into how the lane markers are created now, and whether or not it’s the best option for our state and the safety of our drivers. Here’s what we found out.

Reflective Paint

While some critics have said they don’t believe that CDOT uses reflective paint on their lane markers, turns out that’s just a myth! They do, in fact, use a reflective paint on all their lane markers. So if that’s not the answer to why the visibility on the lane markers fades so drastically in a solid summer/fall storm, then what could it be?

The Winter Compromise

As it turns out, the culprit to blame is winter. Because Colorado tends to see some solid snow action every year, many lane markers are placed on the road in a slight indent, so that when the plows are out in the winter they don’t scrape the paint off. Because of this, when we get a solid rain, the little inlets fill up with water, making the reflective paint harder to spot. It’s a compromise that was made to keep the lane markers lasting longer and therefore creating an efficient use of taxpayer’s money, but the trade-offs can be frustrating for drivers.

What Can We Do?

Unfortunately, there’s not much to be done, because the CDOT makes these decisions after considering a number of factors, including best utilization of the funds available. However, if you’re worried about being safe on the road when those markers get less visible, we urge you to consider being more aware of your surroundings. Just like you would do if a winter storm hit and the lanes got wiped out, following the flow of traffic around you and adjusting to create lanes together is a good way to go. As long as you know what’s happening around you, your eyes are on the road, and you’re taking everything as it comes, at a reasonable speed to keep you safe, you should be ok. Even though it can be frustrating, understanding the reasoning behind some of the decisions made for us Coloradans on the road can help ease the frustration and better prepare you to be the safest driver possible. And hey, that’s never a bad thing.

What’s Shaping Up for 2019 Vehicles?

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2019 Auto Trends2019 Auto Trends

2019 models are starting to roll out now, and more vehicle trends and innovations will be revealed in the coming months, but if you’re wondering what’s on the horizon for the latest and greatest in automobile technology, here are some of the biggest 2019 auto trends manufacturers are aiming to make their mark in with new models.

Self-Driving Cars (Surprise, Surprise)

This is becoming a more and more prevalent reality – which is crazy, considering it feels like only yesterday we were rolling our eyes and saying “Sure, Jetsons,” but it seems that self-driving vehicles are a technology that’s going to stick around, despite some pretty serious bumps in the road. As with most technologies, this one probably has a ways to go until it’s ready for mass availability, but it’s certainly becoming more readily available, and rideshare services like Lyft and Uber have even started utilizing self-driving vehicles in their fleets.

Sleeker Design

Cleaner lines, sleeker designs, and sexier silhouettes are a star feature in a lot of 2019 models. Of course, all manufacturers have different plans for different vehicles and the main functions of those vehicles, but there’s no denying that the sports car feel is coming back for a lot of vehicles, especially sedans. If you’ve been waiting for that sleek, sexy car of your daydreams, 2019 may be the year for you.

Next Level Inter-Connectivity

From WiFi to Apple CarPlay and Android connectivity, most manufacturers are taking in-vehicle connectivity to the next level. It’s more than basic Bluetooth connectivity now, it’s turning your vehicle into the mini-computer powerhouse that your smartphone is, all accessible from the dashboard. Connected cars are becoming central hubs for traveling workers, or even road tripping families who want to take their entertainment and productivity on the road to the next level.

Accident Prevention

With automatic braking systems, steering assist, and lane-centering technologies, among other safety features, the future of automobile tech is looking toward keeping drivers safer on the road when the unexpected happens. Which, hopefully, means less need for auto body repair.

This is just a taste of what’s to come, and we’re excited to see the developments, especially in accident prevention and safety features. As tech capabilities increase, a vehicle’s ability to correct when human error or a moment of mental unawareness puts you in a scary situation will increase as well, which is a huge positive. That, alongside convenience features and the progression of self-driving technology, is making the future of automobiles an exciting place to look forward to. What would you like to see happen in automotive tech in 2019 and beyond?

Self-Driving Setback

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self drivingIn the world of automobile technology advancements, self-driving technology has been on the lips of, well, just about everyone for awhile now. Even though the tech is promising and theoretically could make the roads a safer place make for less auto body repair when all the kinks are worked out, there’s a long way to go before the concept is problem-free. And in the meantime? Well, some bad stuff is capable of happening.

Self-Driving Cars – All the Rage

It’s the hottest trend in automotive tech right now, and for good reason. It has the ability to keep roads safer, help account for human error faster and more accurately than a human could, and see things that would normally be considered in a driver’s “blind spot.” There’s a lot of good that can come from a finely tuned self-driving system, but as with most hot topics, there’s a darker side, too.

When Self-Driving Goes Wrong

As was evidenced by the recent self-driving Uber crash that took the life of a cyclist in Arizona, self-driving vehicles are not foolproof, and still require the “backup driver” or human to be paying attention. It makes sense – technology fails about as often as people, do, really. Even if a particular bit of technology is reliable most of the time, it still has a margin for error. In many cases, these errors don’t put human life at risk, but in the case of self-driving vehicles, with so many vehicles (and humans inside of them) on the road every day, the risk is much higher, and the consequences much greater.


The worst happened in Arizona – and while the investigation is ongoing, there seems to be a consensus that the human driver could have stopped the crash from happening had they been paying more acute attention to the road when the self-driving technology failed. The thing about self-driving tech is that it’s customizable – so though there are features for automatic braking when unexpected hazards arrive, but those features can also be turned off. And even when they aren’t, self-driving technology is not an excuse for drivers to be more distracted on the road or ignore their surroundings completely. After all, as we’ve discussed, the technology is capable of failure, and human intervention is still often needed in certain situations.

What’s Next?

At the end of the day, humans have been behind the wheel much longer than technology. The recent deadly crash in Arizona is just a reminder that this particular technology has a ways to go, and it may never fully replace the watchful eye of a human driver. As a result of the crash, Uber has pulled their self-driving vehicles and is re-examining their strategy around the emerging tech. Even if your vehicle has self-driving capabilities, this is a solid reminder that your attention on the road and the vehicles around you is still very much needed. How do you feel about self-driving vehicles?

Make Your Car a Chameleon?

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unique car customizationsUnique Car Customizations

Vehicles are about more than just performance. After all, who doesn’t like to feel as though they are riding around in serious style? But when it comes to unique car customizations, there are endless options out there beyond simple car painting. You can do just about anything you could dream up with your vehicle. If you’re into getting a little more color into your vehicle’s world, you’ve got a few options, and with the constantly evolving world of automotive tech, some of them are pretty exciting.


You’ve probably seen the vehicles driving around with elaborate graphics and brand design on them, right? Well, the good news here is that a lot of those cars are simply featuring a wrap, which is something that anyone can order if they want. Do your research on some of the best vendors near you, and dream up a colorful combination of things to put on your vehicle in a slightly less permanent way. Though it’s not an easy process, wraps can be removed with a heat source, a little experience, and a lot of patience. The removal process is much easier if you’ve chosen a professional and reputable company to create and apply the wrap in the first place, so choosing a good company is key.

LED Interior Lights

Maybe you’re looking for something a little less gimmicky without giving up the wow factor. Installing colored LED lights on your vehicle’s interior is a great option. You can even install LED kits that allow you to change the color when you’re ready for a change. This particular mod can be the one that keeps on giving, making you feel like you’re stepping into a new car every time you change the colors.

Color-Changing Paint

As far as exciting and colorful mods on the block, color-changing paint is the fairly new kid, and it has a lot of people excited. The technology is still emerging and will likely be refined, but there are a couple of ways you can go about achieving this look if it’s something you’re interested in. There are paints that change color at a specific temperature, and there are also paint technologies like ChromaFlair that allow the color of the vehicle to change depending on the way the light hits it and at which angle you are viewing the car from.

Like we said, there are countless ways to modify your vehicle to make it look exactly how you want, inside and out. If you’re looking for a colorful option or one that has people turning their heads whenever you drive by, these are worth looking into. What are your favorite vehicle modifications?

How to Build a Road Trip Playlist

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Road Trip PlaylistsCreating Road Trip Playlists

Road trip season is just around the corner, and with good road trips come good road trip playlists! But let’s get real, not all playlists are created equal, and if you’ve ever been on the listening end of a poorly constructed playlist on a long road trip, you know the consequences can be miserable. So how do you make sure your playlist will keep you and your car guests happy, dancing, singing along, and most importantly – keep the driver awake at the wheel? Here are a few of our keys to creating the perfect playlist for even your longest road trip.


It’s the spice of life, right? You never want too much of the same thing on your road trip playlists. Shake it up with different genres, or different artists within the same genre and pick from a wide range of song types to keep things interesting, your ears happy, and the whole car pleased with the ambiance you’re creating. Also worth considering is the makeup of who will be accompanying you on the road trip. Taking into account your guests’ musical preferences can help add more variety to the list and ensure that everyone gets to hear at least one of their favorite tunes while you’re on the road.

Solid Jams

Isn’t half the fun of curating the perfect playlist getting to rock out? Solid jams are the ones that everyone knows all the words to. You know, like…Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive,” for example, or Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.” These are also known as the classics and are an absolute staple to a long road trip playlist. Sometimes there’s just nothing better than throwing it back and rocking out when you’re driving on a seemingly endless highway (may we also suggest AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” if you’re having to drive through Nebraska….) and are miles and miles away from the nearest rest stop.

High Energy

This goes back to our whole “no falling asleep at the wheel” rule, but keeping the energy up in your playlist keeps the energy up on the road. And when the Red Bull wears off and your eyes start to feel a little heavy, a perfectly timed high-energy anthem can bring you right back to the land of the living – and the stoked – to be headed wherever you’re headed.

Occasional Chill-Out

We know, we know, Barney Stinson says a good mix should be all rise, but we subscribe to the more common belief that a truly exceptional mix should rise and fall. After all, if you’re listening to a lot of music that lies within the same tempo range, there’s a chance your ears – and thus your brain – could tire of it eventually, leading to more fatigue, which is the exact opposite of the point. Throwing in some chill-out tracks help keep your playlist balanced and give your ears time to chill, chat, or just enjoy the dulcet tones of your favorite singer-songwriters without being overwhelmed by jams and high-energy hits.

Stay in Your Vocal Range

What is the point of a road trip playlist if you can’t belt. it. out?! There isn’t really one, we would argue, as half the sheer joy of a road trip is, indeed, scream-singing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs. It helps, in order to truly maximize that “I sound better in the car” paradox that exists in the car and the shower, to have a bulk of the songs on your playlist be within your vocal range. Now, we’re not saying you can’t push your limits – after all, having a variety of musical keys helps keep the flow of the playlist interesting and unique, but if you’re anything like us and love to pretend you’re getting that golden ticket on American Idol in your car, you’re gonna want some tunes you can feel totally comfortable singing your heart out to.

The bottom line with road trip playlists is this: keep it fun, keep it interesting, and keep it exciting. Test your musical boundaries and throw some new bands or genres on there to expand your horizons, but stick to what you know you love for the bulk of it. And most of all – jam out and drive on!

Cool Car Tech from CES

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ces car tech 2018CES Car Tech 2018

There’s nothing like stepping onto the floor of CES and stepping immediately into the future. And that’s exactly what happened this January in Vegas. The far-out, futuristic tech was all over the place, promising the vehicles of the future to be a lot more Jetson-like than we’ve seen in recent years. But some of the coolest pieces that will likely be making their way into the mainstream over the coming years? Here are some of our favorites.

Alexa Voice Integration

Alexa seems to be making her way into all the facets of our lives these days, and now being on the road is no exception. BMW, Ford, and Hyundai already have Alexa integration in some of their newer models, and now Toyota and Lexus are hopping on the personal home assistant bandwagon. This integration means that on your way home from work you can adjust your thermostat, turn lights on or off, preheat the oven and more before you even pull into the garage. Talk about making life easier.

Biometric Security

There have been tons of advancements in car-key technology, from keyless entry to remote start and so on, but with recent advancements in biometric security measures, your next car key may very well be your eyes. One of the wildest pieces of technology at the event this year was a vehicle that scans irises before turning the vehicle on. James Bond spy tech look out, we’re coming for you! This added level of security means a vehicle won’t turn on if you’re not an authorized driver, but it also leads to a level of convenience you might not have considered before. By adding retina scans, your vehicle could soon have the ability to adjust everything automatically for each individual driver. Seat, steering wheel, and mirror position could adjust when it detects which authorized driver is behind the wheel.

Artificial Intelligence

Though there’s no timeline for when this tech might actually hit cars beyond the conceptual phase, Toyota went next-level with an artificial intelligence experience that aims to get you more involved with where you’re driving, even on long trips. The AI talks with drivers about nearby landmarks, activities, and restaurants, etc. creating an immersive experience. Toyota plans to demo some version of this car timed with the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.


Ok, ok, so this isn’t a new concept, we know. But the pace at which it’s making its way to mainstream in small ways is worth noting. Varying driver-assist features like lane departure adjustments and automatic braking are fast becoming standard in so many vehicles. It’s just the beginnings of the automated car future that we’re likely heading toward.

The long and short of it is this – there’s a lot to get excited about in the automotive space these days. An industry that has always done it’s best to innovate but has stayed pretty much the same for a long time now is finally seeing massive, booming innovations in technology and we are so excited to see what comes of all these futuristic concepts.