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How to Remove Bugs from Your Windshield

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First of all, the bad news – bugs happen. They happen indoors. They happen outdoors. And yes, they happen on your windshield. But, there are ways to help make your windshield more bug free and help reduce dreaded bug build-up. A couple sure ways for a bug free windshield are to drive without a windshield or drive backwards, but those are highly impracticable and could be in violation of many laws. So, we put together an all new list of how to help reduce bugs and ways to more easily remove bugs from your windshield.

Tips for a Keeping Bugs off Your Windshield

Bug Deflector

how to remove bugs from a windshield You can buy a bug deflector that attaches to the front of the hood. They are effective at reducing the number of bug casualties on your windshield as the unfortunate bug hits the deflector first. But it also alters the slipstream of the air moving over your vehicle. They essentially create a higher wind draft that pushes some bugs higher over your windshield and over the top of your car. Also, they are somewhat effective at deflecting smaller rocks that would normally chip your paint or windshield.

However, as these do alter the aerodynamics, although slightly, you may see a reduction in gas mileage.

A Thin Layer of Wax

While you want to go heavy on wax in bug prone areas such as your bumper and hood to help reduce bug build up, you will want to use just a thin layer on your windshield. Doing so makes it harder for bugs to stick to the windshield, and they can then more readily be removed simply by using your windshield washer fluid and wipers.

Periodically Change Wiper Blades

Always check your wiper blades and change them at least once a year. Not only will this greatly help in rain and snow, but it also aids with bug residue. Changing out the blades will keep the windshield cleaner by not spreading bug splat and dirt every time you switch the wipers on.

Windshield Repellent

There are special formulas, such as RainX, that you can apply to your windshield. Many of these help water bead on the windshield to make it easier to see in a storm as they essential waterproof your windshield. But they also make it a great deal easier to remove bugs that encounter the windshield. They make them less sticky, so to speak.

Learn How to Remove Bugs from Windshield

But you can’t always keep bugs off your windshield. So how do you clean bugs from your windshield after a long drive? Here are some ideas for removing any “hitchhikers” from your most recent trip.

Basic Soak & Scrub

removing bugs from a windshield Start with a washcloth that is soaking wet with hot water. Drape the cloth over the affected area for a few minutes to get the buggy remains wet. You can add vinegar or Dawn dish soap for tough spots. Be careful about using other household cleaning chemicals that could damage your paint or the glass in your windshield.

Making a paste out of baking soda and water for a mild abrasive can help you go after stubborn spots. Baking soda particles are small enough that they will not scratch the glass of your windshield. Apply the paste using disposable rag and let it dry. Once it dries out, wash it off with hot water. Microfiber cloths are a good choice as they only leave a tiny amount of lint behind.

Special Cleaners

If good old soap and water doesn’t work for you, there are several bug cleaners you can pick up at your local auto parts store. Ask for some guidance from the staff at your store to choose the right product for your car.

Scrape & Pressure Wash

Razors and other sharp objects can be a manual way to remove smashed bugs. Be careful as it is easy to chip the windshield frame or scratch the glass (and you could hurt yourself as well).

If you don’t want to risk using a razor, try using the pressure washer at your local self-serve car wash. Go with the wash and rinse settings to power things clean.

When All Else Fails, Try Coke

One of the more novel ways we have heard to clean your windshield is with Coca-Cola. The Coke acts as a mild solvent that breaks down the bugs and make it easier to remove them with a clean rag and standard glass cleaner. Essentially, it is a pre-treatment application before spaying and wiping down the glass.

We don’t know how effective this really is compared to other approaches. Coke and other colas are fairly acidic, with a pH of around 2.5. However, white vinegar from your pantry has about the same pH. Keep in mind that pH is not the only measure of how well acids will dissolve certain substances. Vinegar is mostly acetic acid, but colas’ acidity is caused by phosphoric acid, which might be more effective at dissolving bug guts. You might also try using lemon juice, which is even more acidic (pH 2—the lower the pH, the stronger the acid), but is mostly citric acid.

We haven’t resorted to this solution ourselves, and we don’t know if anyone’s done a systematic study. Some people swear by it, though, and it won’t hurt you or your windshield. So if you’re having trouble cleaning bugs off, give it a try.

How to Use This Information

When it comes to driving, we want to keep you safe, and staying safe on the road can be as simple as keeping bugs off the windshield. However, if you do find yourself in need of automotive auto body repair, please give us a call at 303-344-2122 or contact us through our website.

12 Vehicle Emergency Kit Essentials When Stuck in the Snow

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vehicle emergency kit Hopefully, you will be able to avoid getting stuck in the snow thanks to your snow tires, but if you do find yourself trapped in the car on a winter road, you will be happy to find you have these essential items in your vehicle.

Jumper Cables

Cold weather can do a number on your batteries. A battery that wasn’t giving you any trouble in the fall can leave you stranded in the winter cold. You should be carrying your jumper cables all winter long. Not only can this save you, it also puts you in a position to save somebody’s Christmas when they’re stranded at the mall.


When the snow hits, you can easily find yourself stranded if it’s too tall and deep for your car. You don’t want to be improvising a shovel from cardboard or digging with your hands in the snow. A compact, folding shovel will get you out of many bad situations.

Traction Aids

When you’re stuck on ice or slippery packed snow, it’s good to have something that can give your tire grip. Non-clumping cat litter or sand are great choices.

It’s also not a bad idea to have a short section of 2×4 for use in deep snow. Just make sure no one is pushing behind that wheel when you put on the gas.

Tire Chains

tire chains Speaking of traction aids, tire chains are another piece of car equipment that should be in your standard driving toolkit. Besides, they might be required. Review Colorado’s traction laws.


You’ll want to have a basic toolkit for dealing with minor car problems. This should include the tools that came with your car, as well as some pliers, an adjustable wrench, a knife, and more. A Leatherman-type tool can serve for most of this, but you should still have an adjustable wrench.

Tire Change or Repair Supplies

You need to be prepared in case you get a flat tire. Older cars had spare tires standard, but this has become less common. Check what your car has, and supplement as necessary (for example, if the fix-a-flat type stuff is old, get new cans).

If you do expect to change a tire, it’s not a bad idea to have a “cheater bar,” a length of sturdy pipe that can fit over the end of your tire iron to give you more leverage. Rust and cold can “weld” the lug nuts in place. Or you could invest in a genuine breaker bar.


With the short days and long nights of winter, the odds are good that you’ll be trying to deal with being stranded in the dark. A flashlight should absolutely be in your winter safety kit. Remember to store batteries separately and have a second set handy. A hand crank flashlight is a great backup, but if you are doing repairs alone, you don’t want to have to be cranking and working at the same time.

Cell Phone Charger

Sometimes it’s best to just call for help. These days, cell phones can help you avoid many instances where you’d be stranded long-term. But a cell phone does no good if it’s not charged. You should make sure you have a compatible charger installed in your car, but a second charging solution is a good idea in case your car isn’t running. This is a great application for a crank flashlight—many have charging ports. It isn’t fast, but it’s better than discovering that your backup battery is dead, too.

First Aid Kit

first aid kit

You should always have a first aid kit in your car, but it’s especially important to have it in your winter survival kit. If you’re in an accident, or if someone gets hurt trying to fix the car or get it unstuck, it’s good to be able to provide basic first aid.

Warm Clothes and a Blanket

If your best efforts don’t get you back on the road, you will need to hunker down and wait for help to arrive. In some severe winter storms, this could take days. Having some extra warm clothes and a blanket could make the difference in your condition when help arrives.

Nonperishable Food

If you are waiting days for help, you will want to have food on hand, too. Keep some nonperishable food in your emergency kit. But be aware that you’re going to be eating it in the cold—some energy bars can turn rock-hard in cold conditions, so they might not be good choices despite being compact and nutritious.


Depending on how cold the weather is and how long you’re stranded, you might want to have an additional heat source. It’s not a great idea to run your car for heat. Not only will this deplete the tank, but the fumes can be dangerous and are more likely to accumulate in a stationary car over time. Instead, a simple tea candle in a metal can will add a significant amount of heat in your car. Plus, it’s a light source that lets you save your flashlight batteries for task-specific uses.

Let Accurate Auto Body Help with Repairs

If you were stranded at least in part because of an accident, your car may also need collision repairs. Accurate Auto Body is not only a highly-awarded repair shop, we are also caring and understanding. With our Focus on You Service™ system, we work around your schedule and get your repairs done by the guaranteed repair date. You’ve been stranded enough – your auto body shop shouldn’t make it worse.

Please call 303-344-2212 or use our online contact form to request a quote from Accurate Auto Body. We serve customers in Denver and Aurora, CO.

Tips to Avoid Damage to Your Vehicle when Off-Roading

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We all love to get out of Denver and up into the hills, and that’s a problem. Even in the mountains, it seems like there’s often too many people in Colorado. And that’s part of the reason why many people are trying off-roading. It seems like it’s the only way you can really get away from the crowds. Plus, it’s amazing, dirty, exhausting fun.

However, off-roading does come with risks. If you’re not careful, you can badly dent your vehicle and be in need of an auto body shop when you get home. Updating and expanding our prior collision repair center tips for off-roading, here are some tips that can help you reduce the risk of serious damage to your car when you go off-roading.

Check Your Gear Before You Go

Tips to Avoid Damage to Your Vehicle when Off-Roading One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from damage is making sure you have all the gear you need, and that it’s all in good shape.

Most important, of course, are your tires. You need tires that are rated for the trail you’re taking, and they should be in good shape. Worn tread can eliminate the benefit of trail-rated tires. Also, if you don’t go off-roading very often, be aware that the rubber in your tires can degrade over time, especially if they’re not stored properly.

Check all your fluids and give your brake system a careful inspection. You want to make sure you’re going to be able to stop on a very steep slope. There are many situations where bad brakes can mean you need collision repair.

You should make sure you’re carrying traction aids like wood blocks. You’ll also regret it if you don’t have a high-lift jack, tow strap, and winch. Don’t forget to be prepared for personal emergencies: a first-aid kit and supplies like food, water, and clothing to stay alive if you get really stuck.

Know Your Route

Take the time to learn your route before you go. At a minimum, read about the trail and check it out on topo maps. Better yet, talk to someone who’s driven it before. Ideally, go with someone who’s driven the trail before.

Don’t forget to account for the weather. Know what the weather’s been like and pay attention to the current condition of the trail.

Your responsibility to know the route doesn’t end once you get on the trail. Sometimes you or someone else in your group has to get out and scout ahead. This is especially important wherever there is standing water. Unless you’ve seen somebody go through a puddle today, verify the depth manually by walking it and/or probing with a stick.

Don’t Go Alone

We’ve mentioned above that it’s good to have a companion who knows your trail. But even if you know a trail, you shouldn’t travel alone. A friend can help scout or spot for you when you’re trying to take a tough, technical trail.

Having another vehicle handy can really help get you out of tight spots.

At a minimum, always tell someone staying behind where you’re going and when you expect to be back, so they can send help if something goes wrong.

Know Your Limits

Tips to Avoid Damage to Your Vehicle when Off-Roading It’s important to know your limits on the trail. Just because someone else can make it up a slope doesn’t mean that you can, too. They might have better equipment. They might be more experienced off-road drivers. They might have come on a day with better conditions. You have to be prepared to look at a trail and turn around, if possible.

Auto body shops spend a lot of time banging out dents from cars that drove up a slope, then slid or tumbled down. Not to mention all the undercarriage damage from taking paths when you have insufficient clearance.

Accept That You’re Going to Get Damage

However, it’s important to resign yourself to getting some body damage when you go off-roading. Between the rocks and trees, you’re likely going to hit something, have something fall on your car, or get hit by something churned up by another vehicle.

Keep in mind that unless you purchased a specific policy, your insurance won’t cover off-road damage, and you’ll be looking at getting repairs without insurance coverage.

Hopefully, if you follow all the tips above, it will just be cosmetic damage that requires minimal auto body work like paintless dent repair. Maybe if you’re lucky, you might not need anything more than some cleaning and beautification for your car after off-roading.

Don’t Trust Your Off-Road Vehicle to Just Any Auto Body Shop

Your off-road vehicle is a high-performance machine. You’ve put a lot of time and money into getting it just right.  You want to make sure the auto body shop you take it to will treat it with the respect it deserves.

At Accurate Auto Body, we understand that your off-road vehicle isn’t just another car. We have the technical skill to handle any complex repairs your vehicle might need, as you can tell from our I-CAR Gold Class and other certifications. But we also pay attention to what’s important to you. That’s the key to our Focus on You Service System™. We listen to what’s important to you and make sure repairs get completed the way you want them, on time, and on quote.

To get a free estimate on your vehicle’s repair, please call 303-344-2212 or contact Accurate Auto Body online today. We serve customers in Denver, Aurora and the surrounding areas of Colorado.


Colorado Fall Hotspots

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colorado fall hotspots Fall is already here! And in Colorado, that means getting out and experiencing the fall foliage. Before long, trees will be putting on colorful displays of orange, yellow, and red. Plus, we usually get incredible blue skies that only Colorado can provide, making for perfect outdoor road adventures.  As your Denver auto body shop, we have the go-to Colorado fall hotspots.

Grand Lake

Here in Denver, Grand Lake is just a couple hours away and is a local favorite. It is Colorado’s largest body of water, and it provides a great backdrop to the changing fall colors. In fact, one of the most pleasurable ways to enjoy the color changes is on the water itself. We suggest Trail Ridge Marina to rent boats or even stand up paddleboards (SUPs) and wander both Grand and Shadow Mountain Lake while soaking in the fall colors.

Rocky Mountain National Park

If you are going to be up in the Grand Lake area, you may as well make the short drive into Rocky Mountain National Park. While the park provides great scenery all year, the fall is special. Trail Ridge Road, with an elevation of 12,183 feet, makes for a great vantage point to take in all the changing aspen groves. Also, fall coincides with elk rut, when males vie for the attention of females. So, while taking in the colorful hues, you are likely to hear loud elk calls in the distance.

Golden Gate Canyon State Park

A little closer to home, Golden Gate Canyon State Park is only about 45 minutes from Denver. The park offers 12,000 acres of aspen, pine forest, meadows, and trails. We suggest the Panorama Point Scenic Overlook, where you will be able to see more than 100 miles of aspen trees along the Continental Divide. Or, if you want to hike through aspen groves, take in the Mule Deer Loop, which also takes you to the overlook.

La Veta Pass

In the southern portion of our state in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains,  La Veta Pass is considered among the most scenic drives in Colorado. The drive is on US Route 160  and provides views of aspen mixed with pines while giving glorious views of the Spanish Peaks and the San Luis Valley.

The truth of the matter, almost everywhere in Colorado, you are likely to see stunning colors during fall. We just encourage you to get out and explore. A leisurely drive along the Peak to Peak highway is always an easy option too, and not too far away. And, should you need us for whatever the road throws at you, we have you covered for any autobody repair needs—call 303-344-2212 for a free estimate.

Favorite Social Distancing Destinations

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social distancing locations

Adjustment seems to be the name of the game this year for all of us. And as we look toward the back half of a summer that has had us avoiding beaches, large gatherings, and continues to operate on the phrase “safer at home,” many are wondering how to get away at all. If your household is feeling more than just a little stir crazy, here are some of our favorite social-distancing-friendly destinations to enjoy the great outdoors without putting yourself or your family at unnecessary risk.  

National Parks  

Many national and state parks are limiting the number of people allowed to enter the park per day. This means it’s safer than ever to go enjoy the natural beauty that is so abundant in Colorado. Just make sure you plan ahead! Because of the capacity limits, many parks are requiring reservations to be made ahead of time (Rocky Mountain National Park is included on that list!). Because re-entry is often not allowed, make sure you pack everything you’ll need for the day.  

State Parks  

Like national parks, many state parks are doing everything they can to ensure safe social distancing while still allowing their parks, trails, and beautiful vistas to be open to the public. You may face some of our quickly-becoming-normal regulations like requiring face coverings whenever you’re around others or even a quick temperature check before you are admitted, but as long as the family is healthy, you should have no trouble getting some fresh air in those lungs and remembering that hey, the world outside your house really does still exist.  

Wide Trails  

If you’re sticking closer to home and don’t want to travel to outdoor areas with regulated entrance points, just make sure you stick to wider trails and bring your face covering along. You won’t have the added benefit of knowing there are restrictions and guidelines in place to help make your outdoor adventure safer on a local trail, so it’s up to everyone to do their part to keep the community safe and healthy. Sticking to a wider trail makes it easier to practice safe social distancing.  


And if all else fails, you or your family members/roommates are high risk, or you feel more comfortable adhering strictly to those “safer at home” guidelines, there’s always your own backyard. You can still soak up some rays, enjoy the fresh air, and hear something other than the sound of your own air conditioning kicking in every 30 minutes or so. Not sure how to make the most of your backyard adventures? Try starting a garden, creating a perfect BBQ spot, or getting some blankets and pillows to make the perfect reading retreat. Make your backyard your own personal oasis, because why the heck not?  

 Getting out and traveling feels like such a strange thing to be doing in these times, but if you’re smart, safe, low-risk, and healthy, there’s no reason you can’t have at least a small slice of that magnificent summer you were planning. Just don’t forget to make sure your vehicle is as ready for the trip as you are before you head out!  And, if you happen to get into an accident and need collision repair, we have your back. Call 303-344-2212 or schedule a free estimate.

Planning a Roadtrip During COVID

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roadtips during covid

Summer is so often the time that families gear up and get ready for road trips. This year, things look very different for all of us. With air travel still not recommended unless necessary and self-quarantining still encouraged for those with weakened immune systems, Coronavirus has shifted how families might getaway this summer. If you’re itching for a little travel but unsure how to approach it amidst the pandemic, as your Denver auto body shop, here are some tips to consider.  

Pack Cleaning Supplies  

Everywhere you’re going to go right now is likely to have strict cleanliness guidelines to follow, but if you’re worried, or want to be able to clean, wipe, and sanitize as you go (especially if that road trip is including stops at multiple gas stations along the way), pack your own cleaning supplies! It never hurts to have extra sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer on hand.  

Don’t Forget Your Masks  

Wearing masks or face coverings that fully cover your mouth and nose is just good sense right now. It’s the first line of defense everyone has, and everyone wearing their masks does the most good toward keeping people healthy and safe, and COVID-19 on the decline. Whether you have disposable masks for your family or cloth, reusable ones, don’t forget to bring them along. It may not be on your usual pre-vacation checklist, but for your 2020 trips, it’s a requirement. 

 Prepare for Longer Waits  

Everyone is doing their best adjusting to the new guidelines, but because of social distancing guidelines and the state orders that require them, you should be prepared to have to wait a little longer than normal if you’re hoping to go out on the town wherever you’re visiting. It might ask quite a bit of your patience, but it’s just part of life these days.  

 Be Safe  

What “safe” looks like outside the necessary guidelines will look different for everyone, but following social distancing practices and washing your hands frequently should still be high on your list of priorities, even on vacation.  


Especially if you’re traveling to mountain towns where the pandemic first broke out in Colorado, but regardless of where you end up road tripping to, when you get home, self-quarantining for 2 weeks is the sensible thing to do.   

 At the end of the day, choosing to travel is still exposing you to more risk of the virus than staying put would. But if that travel bug just really has you itching, using these tips should help make your trip safer without taking all the fun out of getting away with your loved ones.   

How to Get Your Ski on Without Traversing I-70

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skiing while avoiding I-70 We’re well into ski season now, but as the weather continues its wintery trend and more people hit the slopes, many of us are reminded of just how terrible getting to and from the resorts can be. While a lot of major ski resorts require a highly congested trip along the dreaded I-70, not all of them do. In fact, you can still do some great skiing without ever having to hop on the I-70 at all. Not sure where to start your quest for a non-I-70 slope? As your Denver auto body shop, here are some of our favorites.

Copper Mountain

Just a couple hours outside of Denver on the US 285, this is a highly trafficked mountain that has a naturally created skills-based gradient across the mountain. Skiiers and snowboarders looking for easier slopes will want to stick to the west side of the mountain while those ready for a challenge can move east and face harder runs. And in case you’re getting ready to give us the side-eye – yes, you can get to Copper Mountain via I-70. But you don’t have to.


Take the US 36 up through Nederland and you’ll find yourself at Eldora, ready to hit the slopes in less than 2 hours if you’re driving from Denver. Sure, it’s a smaller mountain, but it’s got plenty of family-friendly runs and you can’t beat not having to take I-70 and showing up in around an hour and a half. We’ll take shorter runs and a smaller mountain for those exceptional trade-offs.


It might take 3 hours on US-285, but Monarch is a gem that doesn’t ask you to sit in hours and hours of stopped traffic to arrive. The drive is fairly easy, and despite getting over 300 inches of snow annually, Monarch is extremely accessible. If you’re looking for something that’s doable in a day that still packs one hell of a skiing punch, it’s hard to beat this one.

Crested Butte

Another gem off US-285, Crested Butte is a perfectly preserved mining town just over 4 hours outside of Denver. Pack your weekend bag and enjoy your nearly stress-free drive to this stunning location. Spend the early morning moseying around the quaint downtown and hop on the free bus to the mountain when you’re ready to clip in and get some good runs in. There are plenty of places to stay in the town from Airbnbs to resorts and hotels – you have the ability to make your Crested Butte experience exactly what you want it to be.


And finally, what Colorado must-see list would be complete without this world-renowned gem. Telluride is definitely not a one-day journey from Denver, but if you have a long weekend to burn, avoid I-70 and enjoy some of the most breathtaking views Colorado has to offer with a 6 hour drive on US-285 to 5oW to Telluride. The ski options out there are amazing and the views are second to none. Add in the overall vibe of the town and the friendly downtown area and you’ve got the perfect picturesque getaway.

There’s nothing worse than starting your morning with an excited rush to hit the slopes only to be met with traffic that takes out half your planned day before you even arrive. There’s no getting around how popular I-70 is when it comes to certain mountain towns and ski resorts. And if your heart is set on one of those, you may have to deal with it. However, if you’re willing to try something new, give one of these a shot and you might be surprised to find a new favorite slope that doesn’t leave you with a major traffic headache.

Where to Find the Best Fall Colors in Colorado

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Sure, September has started out pretty warm, but we all know fall is just around the corner. And with the crisper mornings will soon come the changing leaves. If you’ve lived in Colorado long, you know that the excitement around the fall colors peaks about this time of year, and for good reason. But if you haven’t planned your family trip to see those lush colors yet, here are some suggestions for gorgeous places to hit up.

North to South

Really, you’ve got a solid month or so to see the colors at their peak – it all comes down to how far you’re willing to drive. In northern areas like Steamboat Springs and Fort Collins, the colors are already starting to change. But when you head south, they’ll be at their peak in places like Durango and Alamosa closer to mid-October. Pick a weekend that works for you and plan accordingly.

Rocky Mountain National Park

This park is beautiful pretty much any time of year, but it reaches a stunning peak of beauty in the fall when the trails resemble postcards and paintings more than anything else. Rich reds, deep oranges, and the classic golden aspens create that perfect fall feeling in a well-preserved and cared for setting. If you only get to one place this fall, RMNP is an excellent choice.

San Juan Skyway

For the later weeks in the fall color show, the San Juan Skyway which takes you down to Durango and Ouray is an excellent choice. With breathtaking views of mountains, trees, and not a lot else, this scenic drive is worth the hours it takes to get there.

Boreas Pass

You can head south from Frisco and get through beautiful Breckenridge with this pass, or you can head outside of Nederland and get a good hike in at the Indian Peaks Wilderness, your choice. If you choose the former, don’t just stop at Breck. Drive further to Como, down an unpaved road where you can catch an unmatched view of the Blue River Valley surrounded with those postcard-perfect aspen leaves.

Best in Years

Though the colors are a little slow to change this year, rest assured you’re in for one heck of a show when they do. With the snow-filled winter, the wet spring, and the consistent rain throughout the summer, this season’s colors promise to be the “best in years,” many news stations are reporting. So whatever you thought you had planned for the next few weekends, maybe clear that calendar and get your camera ready for some truly stunning Colorado beauty.

If your fall color road trip doesn’t quite go as planned – maybe that Elk came out of nowhere, or you took that curve just a little too tight and fast and require auto body repair – the team at Accurate Auto Body is here to help get you back on the road safely and quickly.

Best Food Stops on Route 66

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route 66

Route 66 Dining

Road trip season is right around the corner. With school out of session and warmer weather coming down the pike, families everywhere are starting to plan their trips to new destinations, both nearby and far-off. Of all the classic trips out there, is there really any that can beat the truest classic – the Route 66 trip? If you want to take on part of this epic byway this summer, make sure you ink a few of these fabulous food stops into your itinerary. After all, what’s a road trip without delicious, greasy dive food and unusual bites along the way?

Le Roy’s Highland Restaurant

This stop in Monrovia, CA has been serving more food than you could (or should) possible eat in one sitting – especially when you’re getting back into a car for who knows how many hours – but their delicious take on everything from burgers with pastrami to breakfast burritos featuring tots is a must-stop.

Westside Lilo’s Café

Westside Lilo’s and their ginormous cinnamon rolls of deliciousness were featured on Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives so you know there’s some goodness and grease awaiting you behind the doors of this Seligman, AZ stop. It’s a diner that thrives on serving the classic things you expect from diners plus a few German specialties (go for the schnitzel, you won’t regret it!). Enjoy a mug of coffee in a classic Route 66 mug to get the caffeine kick you need to make it through the next leg of your trip without falling asleep at the wheel!

Donut Drive-In

While you’re passing through St. Louis, the Donut Drive-In is a great morning stop (or any time of day stop, really. Who doesn’t want a donut for lunch or dinner? Plus, everyone knows road trip time is different than regular time). With sugar sweet confections and delicious coffee concoctions to accompany them, the Donut Drive-In offers a unique cash-only, grab-n-go method that’s perfect for fueling up without missing a beat on your way to your next destination.

Waylan’s Ku-Ku Burger

If this one sounds a little familiar, that’s probably because it used to be all over the place. Now, the only remaining location can be found right along the side of Route 66 in Miami, OK (not FL!) and is a great place to go to grab tots with jack cheese and green onions or a simple cheeseburger that will fuel you up for the miles ahead.

Midpoint Café and Gift Shop

No matter how much of the highway you’re tackling this summer, the Midpoint Café in Adrian, TX is a must-stop for one very simple reason – it’s the halfway point along Route 66. Grab what’s boasted as the best burger along the historic highway and indulge yourself in one of their signature Ugly Pies.

Wherever you’re headed this summer, make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip. Keep up with general maintenance, and if you’re in need of auto body repair, now’s the time to take care of them. Give us a call and we can get you road trip ready in no time.

Find the Best Hotel for Your CO Winter Adventures

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colorado winter lodging Colorado Winter Lodging Ideas

Winter time in Colorado is an exciting time, indeed. Whether you’re a fiend for the slopes or just like to see what the Rockies have to offer in all their snowy, wintery glory, there are countless adventures to be had all through the winter in this great state. But figuring out where you want to stay during your Colorado winter adventures can be a…. slightly less thrilling prospect. As your Denver auto body shop, we know there are so many choices, and given the unpredictability of the mountain weather this time of year, it’s important to have a spot you know can be flexible should you get snowed in an extra day (or two). Depending on what kind of experience you’re going for, there are a number of Colorado winter lodging options you can look at to create the perfect backdrop and home base for whatever you get up to in the city or the mountains this winter.

City Living

Hanging in the city has its perks. If you’re Denver-bound for a vacation or staycation, there’s always the chance you’ll get 6 inches of snow one day only to have it melt away with 60-degree temperatures three days later. If not, you’ll at least have plenty to explore in the way of good food, gorgeous museums, and countless breweries. There are a number of excellent hotels in Denver, but if you’re looking for a unique experience that exemplifies the artsy side of Denver, we’d recommend the Art, a Hotel downtown, or Moxy in Cherry Creek.

Resort Life

If spending all your free time on the slopes is your idea of the perfect Colorado winter lodging, then you’re probably familiar with ski resorts. If you can swing it, the resorts directly tied to the mountain you’ll be shredding up all day is a perfect choice and lets you really soak up the whole ski bum experience.

Get Eclectic

If you’re looking for something a little more local when you head to the mountains, try an Airbnb. It’s a great way to get a different perspective on wherever you’re visiting, and often hosts have recommendations for places to eat, visit, and check out while you’re there. You never know, you might just find a new favorite, or discover a fun new winter activity you hadn’t thought of trying before! There are also a number of boutique inns that offer different experiences than your average hotel or lodge, like the Distillery Inn in Carbondale, a 5-bedroom inn attached to Marble Distilling, for those winter tasting sessions that keep you a little too warm.

Mountain Lodge

Maybe living the ski bum life isn’t quite in your budget, but you still want that classic mountain experience, there are a number of mountain lodges that aren’t directly affiliated with the slopes they’re closest to that might offer a more affordable price and a slightly more rustic experience. Shop around and see the cool features lodges offer for yourself!

The Classics

When all else fails, there are always the family-friendly classics like Holiday Inn Express, or the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park. These won’t be so robust on the features or unique decor, but they are a tried and true option for the weary traveler who got caught in the snow or just needs a place to rest their head for the night before heading onto the next adventure.

No matter what you’re looking for, there is lodging to suit your needs in Colorado. Where are your favorite places to stay when you get to adventuring in the winter?